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      Building Accessories

      Building Accessories and special buyouts (SBO’s)include sliding doors, rollup doors, personnel doors, fiberglass insulation, sandtrap louvers, windows, ridges ventilators. Some are produced in-house. Some are purchased from suppliers and included in our single source supply.

      • Insulation is typically fiberglass blanket of stable and uniformly textured inorganic glass fiber bonded together by a non-water soluble and fire retardant thermosetting resin.
      • Standard insulation thickness is 50 mm; higher thicknesses (75 mm and 100 mm) are available upon request.
      • Standard insulation facing is White Metalized Scrim Kraft (WMSK).
      • The standard nominal insulation density shall be 12 kg/m3 with a thermal conductivity of 0.041 w/mk at mean temperature of 25 0C. Higher densities (16 kg/m3 and 24 kg/ m3) are available upon request.
      Personnel Doors
      • The frames of horizontal steel sliding doors are manufactured from 1.5 or 2.0 mm (nominal) thick x 200 mm deep cold formed channels and are delivered knocked down packages for field assembly are provided.
      Steel Sliding Doors
      • The frames of horizontal steel sliding doors are manufactured from 1.5 or 2.0 mm (nominal) thick x 200 mm deep cold formed channels and are delivered knocked down packages for field assembly are provided.
      Steel Roll-Up Doors
      • The roll-up door curtain is cold formed from variable thickness white polyester painted galvanized steel. The bottom rail of the door curtain is an extruded aluminum angle guide.
      • Standard Roll-Up Door Sizes are 3000 x 3000, 4000 x 4000, 5000 x 5000 and 6000 x 6000. In between sizes can be accommodated.
      • Window frames are made of powder coated aluminum extrusions in Frost White color only. They are horizontal half slide type (fixed type is optional), 1000 mm high and 1000 mm wide (other sizes are optional). Windows are factory glazed with 6mm thick clear glass and are equipped with latches and removable insect screens.
      Sand Trap Louvers
      • Standard sand trap louvers are 1000 mm wide x 1000 mm high (other sizes are optional). They are supplied with vanes and framing. They are made from 0.7 mm (nominal) polyester painted Aluzinc Coated Steel sheet in any Mabani Steel Standard Colors.
      Gravity Ventilators
      • Gravity ridge ventilators are 3000 mm long with a throat opening of 300 mm or 600 mm. 300 mm (throat opening) ventilators are equipped with dampers and are available in fresh White color only. 600 mm (throat opening) ventilators are supplied without dampers and are available in any standard Mabani Steel Color. Ventilators are installed as either individual units or as continuous (joined) units. The outer skin of both types of ventilators is made from 0.7 mm thick polyester painted Aluzinc Coated Steel. Both sizes are supplied with bird screens and shipped knocked down.
      Fiber Glass Roof Curbs
      • Roof curbs are made of 3 mm thick fiberglass reinforced polyester and coated with a weathering surface on the outside face.

      Panel & Panel Accessories

      Panels & Panel Accessories include single skin panels, sandwich panels, trims and flashing, panels standard buyouts and building accessories. Although all roofs have panels, walls are often partially or fully open for blockwall, precast panels or access.

      • Single Skin Panels are trapezoidal ribbed sheets roll formed from thin mill finish or prepainted aluzinc coated steel and aluminum coils and cut-to-length to meet the requirements of a specific building.
      • Sandwich Panels have a polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two single skin metal panels (or an exterior single skin metal panel and an interior aluminum faced laminate). Mabani Steel does not produce sandwich panels but has an exclusive arrangement, with the largest producer of sandwich panels in the UAE, for the purchase and resale of sandwich panels, to provide its Customers with a single source supply responsibility. The engineering drawings for the sandwich panels are done by Mabani Steel so are the production of trims and the supply of all sandwich panels accessories such as fasteners, bead mastic, purlin tape, etc.