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      Mabani Steel

      A Designer, Manufacturer, Supplier & Erector of Steel Structure Buildings.

      WHO WE ARE

      Mabani Steel offers a complete steel construction solution ranging from detailing to on-site erection along with maintenance and after sales services, all under one roof.

      Mabani Steel has grown to become one of the major suppliers of Structural Steel Buildings. Mabani Steel is a designer, fabricator, erector and supplier of Steel Buildings Structures.

      who we are


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      Erection of Steel Buildings

      Mabani erection team is comprises of highly qualified and well trained site engineers and safety officers. The team has completed more than 500 projects in the GCC, Meddle & Far East, and in Africa. A Project Manager is dedicated to ensure the coordination of all site activities and with other departments of Mabani.

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      Blast & Paint

      Mabani state of the art blasting, painting & material handling system produce the highest quality with most enduring coating finish. Mabani has the most advanced and precise surface preparation and painting equipments in the steel buildings Industry, all Structural Steel components are shot blasted to SA 2 or SA 2.5 depending on Customer requirements.

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      who we are

      With Mabani, your project is guaranteed to be on time & on budget!

      Our Prestigious Clients







      Our Certificates
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